Hudson Valley Systems Management and Technology Consulting

Our Company
Hudson Valley Systems provides management and technology services to get you where you want to go.

Our Methodology

Hudson Valley Systems has operated for more than twenty years, concentrating on administrative operations and systems in the areas of human resources, budgeting, payroll and finance. Our consulting services emphasize creating successful solutions for the office, or for the enterprise.

HVS Consulting Service’s success focuses on the creation of an atmosphere at levels of the organization that are impartial, balanced, and thoughtful. This atmosphere allows the essential elements of the project to be firmly established, enabling an ongoing foundation upon which all project activity will continue to rely. These essential elements are:

  • Identifying a vision for the solution and what it will provide to the organization;
  • Establishing firm project sponsorship, leadership, and stakeholder roles and responsibilities, along with the communication strategies to support each;
  • Ensuring that the business requirements are clearly inventoried and defined;
  • Identifying specific areas where changes in practice and procedure will be required; creating a mechanism for raising concerns and resolving policy issues;
  • Ensuring the internal technology resources are in place and that a plan for infrastructure development and ongoing system maintenance can be developed;
  • Understanding the contractual arrangements with the systems integrator and software vendor, particularly the process for maintaining schedules, approving deliverables and managing changes; and
  • Establishing a quality assurance, testing and sign-off process that all parties can trust and rely upon.

Hudson Valley Systems provides consulting services to assess and advise your organization on the solution that you need, and provides the technical services for complete end-to-end build and integration to get you there.

Contact us for more information about Hudson Valley Systems, and how we can help you realize your vision.